5 Track EP

by Armless Children

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released July 29, 2011

released by Raakanaama (www.raakanaama.fi)
recorded by kyke in october 2010
mixed by breznev
mastered by masa




Armless Children Helsinki, Finland

A - Chorus/Vox
J - D-Beat
R - Basstortion

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Track Name: Armless Children
the night falls/the guerillas are coming to SABOTAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your children/they are here to decapitate you/future is lost everything's gone/armless children
Track Name: Glimpse At Reality
the farce of humanity/the reason over morality//the extinction of tribe is near/it has been delivered/by these/overwhelming maniacs//the farce of humanity/the reason over morality
Track Name: Welfare Warfare
declaration/declaration of war//welfare warfare//depression/depression is everything those imbeciles create/study your ass off just to end up bankrobbed/WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE/WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE
Track Name: Towards Peace Through Violence
Torch the cross/Obliterate Allah//towards peace through violence//torch the cross/violence is the answer//towards peace through violence
Track Name: Satisfy The Insects
served wellbeing/the critters remain fucking blind//keep them satisfied/keep them satisfied//vote for the future/for worse and worse//keep them satisfied/keep them satisfied//How they do it?